Sustainable of Land and Water Resources in Siwa Oasis, Using Remote Sensing Techniques

Integrated land models for agriculture sustainability management: a case study West of El-Minya Governorate as a new development area

Road Extraction Based on Hyper Approach

Using Big Remote Sensing Data in Building a geographic information system to support and develop the cultural heritage sites in Egypt (New Valley Governorate: Case Study)

Hydrogeological and Hydrological Studies to Assess the Impacts of Expected Climate Change Scenarios on Water Resources for the Area Extending from Ras El-Hikma to Salloum Using Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Systems and Mathematical Models

Evaluation of the agricultural area north of the Beni Mazar-Al-Bouiti axis for sustainable agricultural exploitation, phase two

Strategic environmental assessment of urban development in Alexandria Governorate using remote sensing techniques, geographic information systems, and decision support models.

Road Extraction Based on Hyper Approach

The use of pulsed lasers to measure the monocular effects on advanced electronics resulting from space rays

The impact of environmental and climatic factors on the return and spread of disease-carrying mosquitoes in Beheira Governorate using geospatial techniques