Modeling the performance gradient of space solar cells under the influence of a pulsed laser to simulate the space radiation environment

Radiation dosimeter reading unit for space applications

Design and development of radiation and thermal insulation for satellites using composite materials

Production of an Atlas for Hydrogeological Maps for: Alexandria –Greater Cairo – North Upper Egypt and North Middle Upper Egypt Regions (North Western Desert, Egypt) using Geographic Information Systems and Satellite Images

Using Optical and Radar Sentinel Data in Building a Geographic Information System to Support and Documentation the Cultural Heritage Sites in Egypt (New Valley Governorate: Case Study)

Identifying noisy signal errors resulting from a mathematical model of solar panels for spacecraft.

Realistic assessment and authentic information about the current impacts, cascading risks and threats of climate change at the local and regional levels using open source models and Copernicus climate station data.

An operational atlas of Africa's key climate-related vulnerabilities and direct and indirect regional challenges using satellite data 2023-2024

Using optimization methods to estimate spacecraft photovoltaic cell parameters from mathematical modeling.

Determining the parameters of supercapacitors used in the spacecraft electrical power generation system using stochastic optimization algorithms