Climate changes stimulate desertification processes and its impact on sustainable development in the overlap areas in the South Upper Egypt region - the first phase, Assiut and Siwa governorates.

Exploration studies for iron ore in the Golden Triangle region, central Eastern Desert, Egypt, using remote sensing techniques and geographic information systems.

Sustainable Development plan for Toshka - Maohamed Nagib Base Corridor

Geological Mapping at Scale 100,000:1 for the North and Center Eastern Desert of Egypt Using Remote Sensing Data.(Hurghada and Gabal Abu DukhanSheets)

Geological, geophysical and hydrological studies for Tushka area to manage the natural resources for the benefit the sustainable development projects

An integrated solar-powered system for remote sensing applications

Developing Algorithms of Spacecraft Attitude and Orbit Control System Based on Artificial Intelligence

Geological and geophysical investigation to quantitative estimate of the flashflood discharge into wastewater disposal sites in Wadi Al Saf, Giza, Egypt

Developing GIS system using Point Clouds for Complex Features

Safaga ship project Dr. Attia Bakhit