The division aims to build a research system carried out by a member of the research body, or within a research team of one or more researchers from the division, or in collaboration with other researchers from other divisions of the body, or from research institutions outside the body, whether local or international. This research is characterized by the possibility of its practical application to serve national goals related to development and production. The research record of the Authority’s researchers in terms of quantity, quality and diversity is considered distinguished at the national, regional and international levels. Here we will only present the research that can be used

This topic included many examples, including:

  First: the basic topics

o In the areas of water resources and preventing flood risks

o In the areas of urban planning

o In the areas of mineral wealth

o In the fields of environmental studies

Second: Research projects related to research and development

These are research projects supported by local or international funding bodies. These projects study scientific and applied problems or issues and are characterized by outputs that can be implemented and applied socially in a way that serves the production and development sectors.

o In the areas of urban development

o In the areas of water resources

o In the fields of geological mapping and mineral and stone wealth

o In the fields of archaeology

Third: Service projects -

These are contractual projects between the division, represented by its research teams, and between governmental and non-governmental institutions to provide applied scientific advice in major national projects or to solve specific environmental or development problems for local clients.

o In the field of water resources

o In the field of geotechnical studies

o In the field of environmental studies


Department of Rocks and Geological Mapping

•Using remote sensing techniques in identification, discrimination and classification of rocks.

•Using the high resolution spectral and spatial images to discriminate the lithological units for geological & structural mapping with various scales.

•Preparing detailed geological maps for the mineralized alteration zones.

•Building spectral library representing the rocks and minerals exposed in the Egyptian Deserts

Geologic Applications Department

To be one of the best entity in the field of geologic applications using the state-of-the-art remote sensing science and data

Department of Mineral Resources

The Mineral Resources Department is one of the departments of the Geological Applications and Mineral Resources Division. It was established at the beginning of the founding of the National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences as a basic department in the Division to apply remote sensing methods in studying and exploring natural resources to advance the national economy.


- Expressing opinions, providing scientific consultations, and cooperating in implementing projects with governorates, government agencies, and the private sector when requested.

- Participation in the implementation of contractual projects requested by governorates and other government agencies, as well as from the private sector (a request from the National Center for Housing and Building Research regarding field measurements on the walls surrounding Muhammad Ali Palace in Manial, conducting laboratory measurements of samples of research assistants from the Mineral Resources Department and the Scientific Training Division) .

- Participate in the implementation of contractual projects requested by governorates and other government agencies, as well as from the private sector

- Participation in local and international seminars, conferences and workshops related to the department’s specializations.

- Holding training courses to raise the efficiency of specialists and research staff assistants in the department.

Division members







Prof. Nehal Mohamed Abdel Rahman Soliman

Head of Geological department

Prof. Omer hussin Elsaherif



Prof. Elsayed Abbas Zaghlool 


Prof. Mohamed Fouad Sadek 


Prof. Mohamed Negib Hegazy


Prof. Salem Mohmed Salam


Prof. ELSayed Ali Hermas


Prof. Mohammed El Bastaesy


Prof. Safwat Salah ElDin Ahmed Abdu Gabr


Prof. Mohamed Attwa


Asso. Prof. Hanaa Ahmed Megahed

Associate Professor 

Abotalib Zoki Abotalib Farag

Associate Professor

Dr. Sabhi Mohmoud Abdeluahed Ibrahim Ghoneim


Dr. Mohmoud Abd El  Raman Hedab


C:\Hard\CV_Certificates\Personal Photo.jpg

Dr. Hassan
Ibrahim Diab


Amira Abdo

Associate Researcher

Dr.Hossam mohamed Gab allah

GIS Specialist

Dr. Kareem Hamed Abd el Lateef Abd el Wahid

GIS Specialist

Dr. Ayman Mohamed Mohamed Elsayed

GIS Specialist 

Dr. Rabab Ramadan Mohammad  Abdelmaksoud

Geological  application Specialist

Ahmed Mohamed Ismauial Gad 

Geological  application Specialist

Mohamed Anwar Ahmed Abd Al-Alim

Geological  application Specialist

Dr. Omnia El Saadawy

Geological  application Specialist


Hadeer Ahmed Desoky

Geological  application Specialist 

Doaa Abdel Rahim Ali

Geological  application Specialist

Hala Foad 

Ali  Ahmed 

Geological  application Specialist

Ahmed Mohmed yousef Elokbi

GIS Specialist 

Shady Ahmed Azeb

IS Specialist

Amr Awad EL metwaly Fadel

Geological  application Specialist

Mohammed Samir


Geological  application Specialist

Mohamed Salah Mohamed

GIS Specialist

Esraa Ahmed 

Waheeb Soliman

Geological  application Specialist 

Nora Nasr Mohamed Atteya

Geological  application Specialist Geological  application Specialist 

Nahed EL Sakka

Financial Specialist




Mostafa Mohmoud


Kareem mohammed abdalazem.