Strengthening partnerships with national, regional and international institutions working in the field of remote sensing applications in water studies, engineering applications, demographic and archaeological applications and becoming the leading specialized entity in these prementioned fields at NARSS.


Applying remote sensing and Geographic Information Systems techniques in projects and studies related to surface and groundwater, and conducting engineering studies related to infrastructure and water-related risks on archaeological sites and demographic projects.


The division's objectives are to use/develop remote sensing technology, geographic information systems and numerical modeling in applications related to surface and groundwater resources, engineering applications in problems and applications related to water resources and infrastructures, and applications in the field of archaeology and demographic studies in the following areas:

Research projects funded by NARSS

Applied projects aimed at serving the state, funded by NARSS, or by entities or governorates

Projects funded locally and/or internationally.

Scientific cooperation with local and international universities.

Publishing research papers in prestigious peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Publishing books and/or book chapters in peer-reviewed scientific books of a prestigious standard.

Increasing and enhancing the division’s capabilities in terms of manpower and equipment.

Increase and develop the division’s infrastructure.

Division members





Prof. Dr. Eng. Salwa Farouk Elbeih

Division Acting Head and Head of Engineering Applications Department


Prof. Dr. Hossam Hamdy Elewa

Head of Water Resources Department (EAWD), National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences (NARSS)


Hazem Mahmoud Habib

Researcher, Engineering Applications Department


Abdelaziz Fathi Abdelaziz Elfadaly

Researcher Population Studies and Archaeology Department


Mohammed Abd El-Wahab Hagage

Assistant Researcher, Population Studies and Archaeology Department

M.Sc. in Hydrogeology and Remote Sensing, 2021, Geology Department- Faculty of Science, Cairo University,  Egypt



Ahmed Mohammed El-Sayed Ibrahim El-Sayed

Assistant Researcher, Water Resources Department


Nermin Ashraf Abdel Moneim

Geological Specialist,  Water Resources Department  

Master Degree of Science in Geology (Hydrogeology) 


Rania Mohsen Mohamed Ragab

Geological and Mineral Resources Applications Specialist,  Water Resources Department  

Master Degree of Science in Geology (Hydrogeology)


Dalia Mohamed Metwaly

GIS specialist in Restoration of Archaeology, Water Resources Department

Pre-Master's in Remote Sensing in Restoration of Archaeology from faculty of Archaeology - Cairo University


Elsayed Abdelsadek Abdelsadek Ibrahem

Civil Engineer, Engineering Applications Department 

M.Sc. Scholar, Faculty of Engineering, Zagazig University, 


Farag Omar Hassan


 PhD, in Soil and water by using remote sensing application


Usama Abd Al Azim Abd Al Hady Saleh

Specialist, Population Studies and Archaeology Department Ph.D. in Archaeology.


Yaser Mohamed Rabiey Madbouly

Ph.D specialist in Agricultural science  Ph.D. in Agricultural sciences


Mahmoud Mohamed Abed El Hameed

Administrative Affairs III Specialist