Geological, geophysical and hydrological studies for Tushka area to manage the natural resources for the benefit the sustainable development projects

Prof.R.Eng/ Abu Talib Zaki Abu Talib

Summary of project:

The state is developing the Toshka region based on the waters of Lake Nasser, where approximately 230,000 acres have been cultivated in an area that lacks detailed maps of the available natural resources and natural hazards that may negatively affect the project. Therefore, the project will provide basic and detailed maps and data on the geological, hydrological and geomorphological situation by relying on satellite images and geophysical and hydrological field work. There are Toshka spillway lakes in the study area, which have a regional impact on the Toshka development area, in addition to the possibility of exploiting them as an additional resource in the development process. The region needs subsurface studies to determine groundwater potential and study the impact of landfilling on the region.

The objective of the project:

This project aims to develop a database of geospatial information to evaluate expected hydrological changes in the Toshka region as a result of floods from Lake Nasser during the periods from 1999 to 2001 and from 2020 to 2022. This will provide a valuable tool for scientists, planners, and responsible decision makers. Makers work for the sustainable development of Sub-Saharan Western and the New Valley where the 500,000 reclamation project is being implemented. Hydrological changes must therefore be studied to determine their impact on groundwater development/waterlogging and their consequences on activities

The most important outputs:

1. Detailed geological and geomorphological maps

2. Create digital elevation models from topographic data

3. Prepare a map showing the distribution of groundwater-bearing layers.

4. Proposing new development areas that enjoy natural resources and are free of natural hazards.

A collection of images that express the outputs
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