Using optimization methods to estimate spacecraft photovoltaic cell parameters from mathematical modeling.

Researcher/ Wael Ahmed Mortada Atwa

Summary of project:

Solar PV systems have become one of the most popular renewable energy technologies to generate a significant share of electrical energy. With the consistent growth of solar applications, the challenge of estimating parameters for photovoltaics has attracted the attention of researchers and industrialists and gained tremendous momentum for modeling solar energy systems. This research proposes an effective approach based on herd intelligence and heuristic exploration algorithms such as the sea salpaw herd algorithm and the balance optimization algorithm to extract the electrical equivalent circuit coefficients of the photovoltaic cell-based double diode model. Experimental results and comparisons show that the sea salpaw herd algorithm and the balance algorithm have a high competitive ability with the results of two algorithms that have not been used before to extract photovoltaic cell parameters, namely the sine and cosine algorithm and the virus colony search algorithm. The sea lion herd algorithm and equilibrium algorithm are also much better than three well-established parameter extraction algorithms namely lion ant, gravity search algorithm, and whale optimization algorithm. Many statistical evaluation criteria, such as mean square error and absolute error, show that the marine salp herd and balance algorithms provide the highest value of accuracy and have advantages in the design of solar energy systems.

The objective of the project:

Implementation of a reliable and accurate model of a diode solar cell.

Extract solar cell parameters using state-of-the-art nature-inspired optimization algorithms and mental biological algorithms.

A comparative study of the latest optimization algorithms in terms of accuracy, performance and execution time.

An intensive study of coupling, exploration and exploitation of state-of-the-art optimization algorithms. This is to choose the best algorithms used in the problem of estimating solar cell parameters.

The most important outputs:

An accurate and reliable model of a solar cell diode in


Implementation of SALP, EO, and state-of-the-art optimization algorithms.

Estimating solar cell parameters using the latest modern optimization algorithms.

Published research papers.

Status reports.

Phase reports.

the final report.

A collection of images that express the outputs