National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences is organizing a scientific symposium on the exploration and mixing of mineral wealth and fossilized raw materials.

The President of the National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences, Dr. Islam Abu Al-Magd, confirmed that, as one of the State's creative and innovative institutions, the Authority is striving to make use of its potential to modernize and develop new mineral wealth exploration techniques to analyse investment opportunities in a spatial and quantitative manner and to maximize utilization and decision-making support for the development of the mining sector.

In a statement by the Middle East News Agency, Dr. Islam Abu Al-Magd said that the Egyptian State had paid great attention to mineral and fossil wealth and had launched the "Golden Triangle" as an economic zone in the heart of the Egyptian eastern Sahara, one of the richest areas in Egypt in terms of the diversity of its mineral and fossil wealth, which represented a strong added economic value to Egyptian national income. The State was actively seeking to modernize and develop the mining sector of various types in the hope that its contribution would reach 5% of gross domestic product by 2030.

The Chairman of the Authority explained that, in line with this national orientation, the Authority would organize a workshop next Monday entitled "Recovery of dimension and advanced technologies for exploration and mixing of mineral wealth, quarrying ores and decorations" to present the latest scientific methodologies for exploration of the promising areas of mineral wealth and its various mining components using the latest optical, thermal and radar sensing techniques.

He noted that during the workshop activities, the latest mining exploration techniques would be identified using various geophysical methods and the importance of building spectral libraries of various rocks and minerals in Egyptian territory in order to facilitate the identification of various minerals using their spectra and the construction of an Egyptian spectral library similar to the developed countries in that area.