The National Authority for Remote sensing is considering strengthening cooperation with the International Centre for the Improvement of Corn and Wheat

Under the auspices of Dr. Ayman Ashour, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Science, headed by Dr. Islam Abu Al-Magd, Chairman of the Commission, received a delegation from the International Centre for the Improvement of maize and wheat of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research of the Republic of India.
The meeting reviewed the main challenges facing agriculture in Egypt, including the problem of soil salinity and its negative impact on agricultural productivity.
The Parties agreed on the importance of cooperation between the National Remote Sensing and Space Sciences Authority and the International Centre for the Improvement of maize and wheat in combating the problem of soil salinity in Egypt. It was agreed that a joint workshop would be organized, whereby stakeholders interested in the issue would be invited to participate and exchange experiences and experiences.
This cooperation is aimed at developing appropriate agricultural policies that help reduce soil salinity risks, developing effective strategies to improve soil quality and increase crop productivity in affected areas, and it is expected that practical projects will be implemented on the ground with a view to achieving tangible and effective results in combating soil salinity and improving agricultural conditions in Egypt.
This cooperation is an important step towards enhancing agricultural sustainability in Egypt and achieving economic and social development in the country by improving agricultural conditions and increasing the productivity of land affected by the problem of soil salinity.
The meeting was attended by Dr. Mohamed El Sherbini, Professor of Field Irrigation and Water Relations, Professor Sharma, Researcher at the Centre, and Dr. Deepashesh Shakraporti, Researcher at the Centre.