The First International Conference of Remote Sensing and Space Sciences Applications

The 1st International Conference of Remote Sensing and Space Sciences Applications is an important event regarding this field in the middle east for disseminating the latest technologies, exchanging experts, identifying future trends, and establishing an international platform for exchanging innovative ideas that contribute to developing the remote sensing and space sciences at a global level. Since remote sensing and space sciences overlap with many other disciplines and sciences, organizing the conference with this title provides an opportunity for researchers in various fields to discuss the challenges and problems facing the world. Conference Topics 1. Applications of remote sensing and geographic information systems for the purposes of sustainable development in the following areas: - Water resources management. - Sustainable agricultural development. - Forecasting climatic and environmental changes. - Population and urban planning. - Geology and mineral resources. - Management of environmental and natural disasters. - Earth and Soil sciences. - Documentation of cultural heritage. - Development of the coastal marine environment and lakes. - Site investigations, corridor surveys, and engineering soil mapping. - Environmental modeling and vulnerability studies. 2. Using the internet of things and digital transformation in remote sensing applications. 3. The use of artificial intelligence techniques in applications of remote sensing and space science. 4. Image processing and digital data analysis for satellites. 5. Using modern technologies to manage and operate space systems. 6. Using aerial imaging techniques in remote sensing applications. 7. Various satellite systems and their applications. 8. Advanced materials in space applications and satellite structures. 9. New energy systems for terrestrial applications and satellite energy systems..

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