November 01, 2019

This was integrated projects between National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Science, Ain Shams University, National Institute of Astronomical and Geophysical Research, Metal Research Center, Cairo University, Maritime Academy for Science Technology and Maritime Transport, Optics Factory,  63 El Harby Factory, Benha Electronics Factory, and The Egyptian Company for Space Applications and Remote Sensing.

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The project aimed to

1-Access to a full Egyptian space design, TRL-9

2-Raising the level of technical knowledge in the field of satellite development,

3- Create and activate a sustainable and highly reliable relationship between research and industry,

4- Encouraging private sector participation in the space industry,

5-Spreading the culture of space technology in universities and research centers

6-Benefiting from the Egyptian experience abroad

The objectives of the project were

1. Developing satellite systems locally.

2. The development of an alloy of the magnetic controller at the moon’s destination.

3. Development of a new coating material and alloy for the satellite structure.

4. Developing artificial intelligence software to analyze satellite data.

5. Conducting environmental tests for the satellite.

6. Satellite operation, tracking and monitoring.

Division : Space Sciences and Strategic Studies