Capacity Building of the Egyptian Geological Survey and Mining Authority (EGSMA) and the

December 31, 2002

The project involves the production of several layers (mostly in the form of maps) to be included in a GIS. The reporting Group is in charge of producing a set of geologic maps (Stratigraphy and Structures), to a scale 1: 250 000, representing the distribution of the Phanerozoic exposures in the north of the Western Desert. The maps to be produced include 25 sheets, distributed according to the international standard grid. The work involves revision of the already available maps to establish a standardized stratigraphical subdivision for mappable rock units and to check the distribution of these rock units in the study region by means of various remote sensing techniques and field verification The project also involves in this phase (layer) the training of a team of field geologists, sedimentologists and paleontologists to produce a description of stratigraphic sequence in order to clarify environments of deposition and ages for a sound subdivision of mappable units. This team should also cooperate with specialists of geological image processing of remotely sensed satellite data to produce images for mapping. They should also cooperate with specialists to digitize the produced map to include them in a GIS database, for further use in various planing purposes to help decision makers.

NARSS Project Members

  • Dr. Ali El Kelani (EGSMA)
  • Prof. Adel Ramadan Moustapha (Ain Shams University)


Division : Geological applications and Mineral Resources
Prof       : Prof. Omar H. Cherif