Capacity Building of the Egyptian Geological Survey and Mining Authority

December 31, 2002

The work of the project has been undertaken by keeping in mind two aspects: i) a study involving the production of geological maps to a scale 1: 250 000 for the Phanerozoic exposures of Sinai (carried in two Phases: South and North Sinai) and, ii) the training of a team of geologist to produce these maps according to most up to date geological practices. The training aspect of the work was covered by discussion between the members of the layer (on job training), seminars between members of the layer and members of other layers involved in the UNESCO/UNDP Project and seminars involving invited local experts. The training aspect has been also fulfilled in two field seminars (one in South Sinai and the other in North Sinai) involving 6 days trainning through the presentation and discussion of methodologies for the recognition in the field, classification and interpretation of rock units used for mapping. The field seminars, involving junior and senior staff members of both EGSMA and NARSS, was also a very useful training basis for teamwork between members of the two organizations. The finalized geological maps involve 12 sheets, established according to international standards and subdivisions on a 1: 250 000 scale. They have been prepared to be digitized and stored as a GIS layer


NARSS Project Members

  •   Dr. Ali El Kelani (EGSMA)
  •   Ismail El Hagg (EGSMA)
  •   Mohamed Husseini (EGSMA)
  •   Ihab Nafea (NARSS)
  •   Mohamed Ghadiri (NARSS)
  •   Nabila Ibrahim (NARSS    


Division : Geological applications and Mineral Resources
Prof       : Prof. Omar H. Cherif