January 01, 2020


Wadi El Natrun is one of the prominent geomorphological features in the North-Western Desert of Egypt. The Wadi El Natrun saline lakes in Egypt are used for natural salt production. The geology of such area suggests an ideal environment for salt-mineral exploration since the occurrence of many saline lakes along the depression. Several studies on the geology, hydrogeology, and mineralogy of the saline deposits of Wadi El Natrun were achieved. A comparative mineralogical study of saline deposits in the study area was carried out by. Mass developments of sulfide- oxidizing phototrophic bacteria in the upper sediments and in the waters of Wadi El Natrun lakes have been observed. This project aims to investigate the salt-rich sediments occurrences at two main saline lakes (i.e. El Beida and El Fasda) at Wadi El Natrun area.


The study showed that we have salt rich sediments at two saline lakes in the form of salt-rich shale and we recommended drilling two test boreholes at two sites.


The 2D interpretation sections of the 2D profiles P1-P2 and P3, at El Beida saline lake, obtained from inversion of Wenner data set (resistivity (top) and IP (bottom).

Division : Geological applications and Mineral Resources
Prof       : Dr. Mohammed El Bastawesy