July 01, 2018

The inventory and estimation of the areas of desert land use in Egypt is a basic requirement and a high national priority for the national plans for development represented in the management of land and water resources in Egypt and the cessation of encroachments on them. Crimes of infringement on the state’s lands have exceeded the limits of perception, and the desert lands have acquired a large part of the aggression in expanding the reclamation process and seizing large areas by the people and companies in an unplanned and unorganized manner because it is not subject to the state’s umbrella in the process of reclamation and cultivation, which has become an obligation on the state Make an inventory of all the lands that were encroached upon, to subjugate it under the authority of the state’s jurisdiction.





Division : Agriculture Applications, Soils, and Marine
Prof       : Prof.Dr.Sayed M. Arafat