Dr. Abdalla M.Fayed

Summary :

Professor ,Head of Water Resource Department

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Education :

1994: Ph.D., Hydrogeology, Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt
1991: M.Sc., Hydrogeology, Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt
1982: B.Sc., Geology, Minufiya University, Egypt
Accumulative grade 83.4% (Very Good)

Professional Experience :

2011-Today:  Head of the water resource department NARSS, Egypt

2000: The National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space   Sciences (NARSS),Engineering Applications and water  Division: researcher

1995-2000:   The Ground Water Research Institute (RIGW), Department of the Basin of the Nile Valley, Upper Egypt: vice director  

1990-1995   RIGW: head of the hydrogeological mapping unit

1983-1990:  RIGW, Department of the Basin of the Nile Valley, Upper Egypt  research assistant

Professional And Honor Societies :

2010: Nominated international prize King Sultan Bin Abdel-Aziz for Groundwater, Saudi Arabia

2008 Nominated international prize King Sultan Bin  Abdel-Aziz for Groundwater, Saudi Arabia

Publications :

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