Prof.Dr.Mahmoud Hussin Ahmed

Summary :

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Education :

First University Degree:

B.Sc. in Science - Geology Department -1984 - Good, Faculty of Science, University of Alexandria, Egypt.

Second University Degree:

M.Sc. in Environmental Studies.

Environmental Coastal Geology, Jan. 1991,

Institute of Graduate Studies and Researches, Alexandria University, Alex. Egypt.

Thesis Title:Long-Term Bottom Changes of the Nile Delta Continental Shelf over the present Century.

Third University Degree:

PhD in Environmental Studies.

Marine Pollution, Feb. 1997,

Institute of Graduate Studies and Researches, Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt.

Thesis Title:An Environmental Impact Assessment of Pollution in the Arabian Gulf.

Publications :

eliminary Assessment of the Impacts Of The Drifting Sands on the Development Activities in North-Western Sinai - Egypt.

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